Spare parts for ROWAC welders


RÖWAC welders have been designed with a focus on durablity and reliability.
After the failure of the original manufacturer RÖWAC in 1987, our company, having been the biggest sales represantative and service station for this brand, started supplying spare parts for the vast number of RÖWAC welding machines, being in the market.

We supply, mostly from stock

  1. user manuals (including wiring diagrams)
  2. parts for wire feeders (e.g. rolls, gears, motors)
  3. electromechanical parts (e.g. solenoid valves, potentiometers, switches, contactors)
  4. electronic parts (e.g control boards/ PCBs, transformators, rectifiers)
  5. pumps and fluid control switches
  6. welding guns and expandable parts

and much more.

RÖWAC machines were sometimes sold under different labels. So, if you own a machine, labelled RÖWÜ, Röwatec or UMIK, it may be a RÖWAC as well.